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Friday, February 22, 2008

Mortgage Crisis

You can't turn on the TV or open a newspaper without seeing another report on the mortgage crisis. This isn't just the problem of the people whose homes are foreclosed - this problem is affecting everyone. Homes are being foreclosed upon in unprecedented numbers, and neighborhoods everywhere are seeing home values dropping as more houses flood the real estate market. Lenders have less money to loan out, and even borrowers with good credit are having problems finding financing.

This is a controversial subject, with many people blaming the borrowers for getting in over their heads. But it isn't that simple. In my encounters with clients, these homeowners (or former homeowners) didn't intend to get into this mess. Many faced job and income loss, medical problems or divorce - all problems that were beyond their control. Others didn't realize that A.R.M. rates would rise beyond their ability to pay, or believed brokers and other real estate advisers who told them that they could refinance before the rates increased.

No matter the reason, America has a problem that has to be dealt with, and soon. Bills are being introduced into the House and Senate that may hold some relief, with borrowers paying lenders, lenders making a profit, and the government not being the one to provide the bail out. These bills would allow court supervised modification of loans in the United States Bankruptcy Court. Lenders will bear some of the responsibility of this solution in sacrificing higher interest rate returns, but still being paid for the loans at rates that will still provide profits. In fact, keeping people in their homes and preserving a performing loan will help provide a profit that was destined to be lost in the foreclosure.

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